Sight from the installation In the „PINKI“ company from Sremska Mitrovica we installed the GREEFA line for fruit sorting.
The computer supervises the whole system
We are talking about one the most recent and best equiped lines in the area of ex Yugoslavia.
The machine is ready for work
The buyer’s request was: with quality, reliable and quick apple, pear and peach sorting.
Water draining module The machine is equipped with water draining module where the box that carries the apples and pears is emptied. Because the pears are a little bit heavier and sink, the modul is equiped with a movable bottom which rises them on the surface.
Module for peach brushing
Peaches are treated with dry procedure after which they go through the module for brushing that then, due to the market request, releives them from the „fuzzy“ texture.
Inspection line
Fruits then get to the incpetion line where the most demaged products are removed.
Module with cameras
Then fruits get to the modul where they are being recorded with black and white and colour cameras in order to measure their dimensions and colour.
Exit lines
After their weight is being measured all the data regarding the fruits is collected. The computer uses this data to decide at which exit will the particular products appear.
Transport in cups
The transport of each fruit is performed in individual cups and the change in hight is minimized which, along with the water draining module, enabels the fruits to exit the lines without any mechanical demages.
Four lines
The machine has four lines, each of them has a capacity of 4 to 5 products per second